More information on Naked Spirituality
Brian McLaren
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More information on Nearly Infallible History of Christianity Paperback
Nick Page
Everything you need to know about the history of the Christian church - and a fair few bits you didn't want to know thrown in for good measure. From Abelard to Zwingli, via a multitude of saints and sinners, Nick Page guides us through the creeds, the councils, the buildings and the background of... (more)
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More information on Nearly Infallible History Of The Reformation Hardback
Nick Page
ant a humorous introduction to the Reformation? Nick Page uses his wit and unlicensed-historian-credentials to explore the remarkable period in Church history. Perfect as a gift for anyone wanting to laugh, learn, and discover Luther's livid ideas 500 years on from the Reformation, Nick Page dist... (more)
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With more listings than any other Bible resource available, the Biblical Cyclopedic Index helps readers quickly pull together a thorough and comprehensive Bible study, lesson, or sermon.
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Bear Grylls
nd above all, never ever give up. In Never Give Up, global adventurer, Chief Scout and TV presenter Bear Grylls immerses readers in some truly remarkable adventures. As Bear shares personal stories from his toughest expeditions, this inspiring autobiography captures the exhilarating reality behind s... (more)
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Various Artists
New Worship Experience Recorded Live at Soul Survivor 2016 featuring Tom Smith, Beth Croft & LIV Choir
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More information on Never Lose Sight Chris Tomlin
Chris Tomlin
Often called America’s Worship Leader, Chris Tomlin returns with his new album, NEVER LOSE SIGHT, on October 21. As the songwriter behind the worship favorites “How Great Is Our God,” “Our God,” and “Whom Shall I Fear,” Chris’ songs lead people to the heart of Jesus and into a deeper worship of Him.... (more)
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Louie Giglio
A person can never get too far from God and His plan and purpose for their life that they can’t get back to Him and have a fresh start. There is always a way forward that will prevent a person’s current circumstances from having the final say in life. God has a plan for a comeback. It’s never too la... (more)
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J D Douglas
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More information on New Children's Bible
Anne de Vries
The Children's Bible gives comprehensive coverage of all the major stories and characters in the Old and New Testaments. The text is accompanied by striking illustrations which bring the stories to life in a vivid and memorable way. The text has been translated for over 30 language groups, and i... (more)
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