More information on How To Pray Reflections & Essays C S Lewis
C S Lewis
C. S. Lewis here offers wisdom and lessons that illuminate our private dialogue with God—prayer—in this collection drawn from the breadth of his writings. The revered teacher and bestselling author of such classic Christian works as Mere Christianity and The Screwtape Letters, C. S. Lewis here offer... (more)
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More information on Ben-Hur Novel
Carol Wallace
As one of the bestselling stories of all time, Lew Wallace's Ben-Hur, has captivated and enthralled millions around the world - both in print and on the big screen. Now Lew's great-great-granddaughter has taken the old-fashioned prose of this classic novel and breathed new life into it for today's a... (more)
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Carter , Duvall & Hay
People in churches today are hungry for a word from God. Preachers need to prepare and deliver sound biblical sermons that connect with their audience in a meaningful way. Whether you are a student who is new to preaching or a veteran looking to brush up your preaching skills, you will benefit from ... (more)
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More information on Glorious Day:Hymns Of Faith CD
Casting Crowns
What do you get when you combine Christian music's best-selling band with timeless, beloved hymns such as "Nothing But The Blood," "Blessed Redeemer," and "'Tis So Sweet To Trust in Jesus"? A record that will capture the hearts of long-time fans and newcomers alike! On Glorious Day: Hymns of... (more)
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Casting Crowns
On the heels of their 2016 release "The Very Next Thing" featuring chart topping songs such as "One Step Away," "Oh My Soul." and "God of All My Days," Casting Crowns is set to deliver a brand-new album full of songs that deliver timely messages of hope that will challenge the listener to look beyon... (more)
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More information on Voice Of Truth Ultimate Collection Casting Crowns
Casting Crowns
The ultimate collection of Casting Crowns biggest hits all together on one album. 'Voice Of Truth: The Ultimate Collection' is the first time the favourite songs from Casting Crowns' fans have been bundled together into one project. Over the last 17 years, Casting Crowns has been the best-selling C... (more)
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More information on 40 Stories of Hope How Faith Has Changed Prisoner's Lives
Catherine Butcher
his is a book about transformation, restoration and true freedom. Collated stories from prisoners and their family members, these 40 remarkable testimonies speak powerfully about the reality of encountering Jesus. Readers can explore how we all can find hope in Jesus, no matter who we are. Ideal for... (more)
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More information on Living On Purpose 30 Days In James
Cathy Madavan
Over 30 days, Cathy Madavan reveals how the book of James is a challenging call to live life on purpose. James' letter to the Early Church reads like a helpful instruction manual on how to live out a Christian faith in a difficult culture. Guidance that is just as relevant today. How can we live a ... (more)
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Cathy Madavan
Why do some people seem to throw themselves into every opportunity, bouncing back from every setback? Is this irrepressible spirit just for the hyper-motivated? How do the rest of us live courageously, relate authentically and develop resilience? Popular speaker and author Cathy Madavan deploys her ... (more)
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Cathy Magalhaes
Cally Magalhães’ memoir is a gripping page-turner of an autobiography. With a novelist’s eye for descriptive detail, Cally invites us to accompany her on her astonishing journey from England to India and Estonia, and finally to São Paulo, Brazil. We join her as she follows a trail of signs and bless... (more)
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