More information on Family Prayers: Prayers for Younger Children and their Parents
Rosemary Atkins / Peter Atkins
This selection of prayers for younger children and their parents can be used on a wide variety of occasions. Individually, they reflect the simple, honesty and open approach so often adopted by children in prayer. As a powerful collection, they build a strong foundation for regular family prayer tim... (more)
More information on Favourite Prayers
Cassidi, D
More information on Five for Sorrow, Ten for Joy
J Neville Ward
Since earliest times Christians have used beads on a cord to keep track of their prayers. Christians of many different traditions use the Rosary to help refresh their prayer lives. The Rosary creates a rhythm that helps us look away from our distractions and focus our attention so that we can more r... (more)
More information on For Your Baptism - Prayers for New Christians
Moved and challenged by the gospel, believers enter into the new life of faith through the water of baptism.