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J Neville Ward
Since earliest times Christians have used beads on a cord to keep track of their prayers. Christians of many different traditions use the Rosary to help refresh their prayer lives. The Rosary creates a rhythm that helps us look away from our distractions and focus our attention so that we can more r... (more)
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J. A. Carr
Loaded with scriptural prayers and wisdom from Proverbs, iGod is a powerful tool to help students connect with their Father God. Author, Dr. Josie Carr, Executive Director of New Life Christian School, writes from over 20 years of experience in education. She gives students personal prayers that mak... (more)
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J. P. Newell
The Celtic spiritual tradition is marked by the belief that what is deepest in us, beyond the distortions of ignorance or wrongdoing, is the image of God. Its second major characteristic is a trust in the essential goodness of creation, which it regards as a revelation of God, thus avoiding the pitf... (more)
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Jackie M Johnson
Prayer opens worlds of possibilities-but many people still struggle to pray. Power Prayers for Women will help readers pray, by offering solid biblical reasons to talk to God and specific prayer starters for 21 key areas of life. Topics such as My Emotions, My Home, My Health, My Finances, My Job, M... (more)
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