More information on Day by Day: The Notre Dame Prayer Book for Students
W. Starkey / T. McNally
With almost half a million copies in print, Day By Day is a favorite companion for students of all ages. This 25th anniversary edition reconnects a new generation with timeless Catholic spirituality with refreshing changes that create a powerful contemporary resource. Updates include the Luminous My... (more)
More information on Awed To Heaven, Rooted In Church
Walter Brueggemann
Walter Brueggemann, whose thoughtful and reflective works on the Hebrew Bible have ensured that the term "Old Testament theologian" is not an oxymoron, offers distilled wisdom from his 35 years of teaching in Awed to Heaven, Rooted to Earth. At the seminaries where he has taught, professors traditio... (more)
More information on Praying The Psalms
Walter Brueggermann
In this thoroughly revised edition of a classic in spirituality, Walter Brueggemann guides the reader into a thoughtful and moving encounter with the Psalms. This new edition includes a revised text, new notes, and new bibliography. Praying Psalms nd edition br this thoroughly revised edition
More information on Christian Prayer For Today
Whaling, Frank
A month of inspiring daily prayers that aim to make a contribution towards daily renewal of the Christian faith. The book contains prayers by the author as well as prayers from Christians through the ages, where helpful to our 21st-century concerns.
More information on Daily Liturgical Prayer: Origins and Theology (Liturgy, Worship & Soci
Tracing the origins of daily prayer from the New Testament and Patristic period, through the Reformation and Renaissance to the present, this book examines the development of daily rites across a broad range of traditions including: Pre-Crusader Constantinopolitan, East and West Syrian, Coptic and E... (more)