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P Armstrong
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Patricia Patstone
More information on Prayers for Impossible Days, Revised Edition
Paul Geres
With searing honesty, warmth, and kindness, these prayers verbalize feelings the author recognizes as universal, but often unexpressed. Drawn from a collection of prayers first published by Fortress Press in the 1970s, this little book in its newly revised form continues to speak to the "impossible ... (more)
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Peter Dainty
This is a book full of blessings, in varied forms and for use on varied occasions. The first (and largest) section contains Blessings as they are traditionally known - asking for God's favour on people and situations. The second section contains Graces, which are blessings on meals combined wi... (more)
More information on Praying with the Earth
Philip Newell
Following the pattern of his bestselling Celtic Benediction, Philip Newell provides lyrically beautiful and profoundly theological prayers for morning and evening for each day of the week. Each begins with a Beatitude and is followed by a Prayer of Awareness, Scripture readings for meditation, a Pra... (more)
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Philip Newell
This family prayer book has original prayers inspired by the Celtic tradition, and readings for each day of the week, written for all-age participation. It is illustrated with a mix of ancient and modern: decoration from the Book of Kells with Celtic border and knot work by an Edinburgh children's a... (more)
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Pigott, Graham
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Pilgrim Prayerbook
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Pollock, Connie
Though spread across centuries, these "uncommon prayers"-from Chaucer, Alcott, Dostoyesvsky, C.S. Lewis and many others-express emotions common to us all. The artists' gift of phrase, rhythm, and insight quicken our intellects and innermost feelings back to the Source of their inspiration.