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A book to encourage the habit of private prayer, meditation, and devotion. It encourages Christians in an age less confident about devotional practices. Not for liturgical use--it doesn't contain the liturgical texts--The Habit of Holiness offers devotions from many traditions covering morning, midd... (more)
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Desmond; Comais
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(9)A follow-on volume to one of our top selling titles, Leading Intercessions, which has sold over 13,000 copies since 1997, Hear Our Prayer offers a completely new set of intercessory prayers for each Sunday of the three year cycle, Holy Days and Festivals. Inspired by the scripture readings of the... (more)
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Charles Middleburgh / Andrew Goldstein
The riches of the Jewish year with its high holy days, its times of preparation and celebration are opened up for all in this anthology of prayer which draws deeply on the Hebrew scriptures, the Old Testament and the Jewish spiritual tradition. Christian readers will be enriched by a deeper encounte... (more)
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Gordon, S. D.