More information on iGod: Prayers and Promises to Connect You with Him
J. A. Carr
Loaded with scriptural prayers and wisdom from Proverbs, iGod is a powerful tool to help students connect with their Father God. Author, Dr. Josie Carr, Executive Director of New Life Christian School, writes from over 20 years of experience in education. She gives students personal prayers that mak... (more)
More information on In Times of Grieving: Prayers of Comfort and Consolation
Robert M Hamma
Grief is a long and difficult journey that we sometimes we travel alone, sometimes with others, and always, with God. In Times of Grieving offers those who are grieving a simple way to pray, a compass to guide the way. Chapters focus on issues and emotions that trouble those who are grieving: shoc... (more)
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Millar, Peter
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Rogers, Roberta