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John Wesley
Every Christian library needs the classics--the timeless books that have spoken powerfully to generations of believers. Hendrickson Christian Classics allows readers to build an essential classics library in affordable modern editions. Each volume is freshly typeset for reading comfort, while though... (more)
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William Wilberforce
Wilberforce's classic work, A Practical View of Christianity, is concerned with convincing those who call themselves Christians to pursue "the real nature and principles of the religion which they profess." Christianity is not a mere morality, to be held in private. Christianity is revelation from G... (more)
More information on Absolutely Basic
Horatius Bonar / J.C. Ryle
Two well-known writers and preachers of the nineteenth century describe the twofold work of God that is needed to make us Christians. Horatius Bonar (1808-1889) explains the work of God that Christ has done for us so that we can be accepted as righteous for ever by God. His book is a great help ... (more)
More information on According To Promise - God's Promises To Every Christian
Charles H Spurgeon
These promises are for every believer, yet each will admit to not fully experiencing what is promised. Spurgeon helps us to appreciate that all God's promises are the birthright of each Christian. It is not presumptuous or unreal to expect to enjoy what God has promised. We are to measure what Go... (more)
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C Blumhardt
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Rosalie De Rosset
More information on All Of Grace - Moody Classics Serie
Charles H Spurgeon
More information on All the Saints Adore Thee
Bruce Shelley
More information on An Exposition of the Apostles' Creed
Caspar Olevianus
Olevianus's Exposition of the Apostles' Creed is a collection of sermons he preached on the basic articles of the Christian faith. It serves as a reminder that the Reformed tradition did not see itself as separate from the universal church, though it was principally opposed to Rome. Rather, Olevianu... (more)
More information on Answers to Prayer (Moody Classics)
George Mueller
Prayer was the vital component of George Mueller's nineteenth-century ministry to England's orphans. Through his narrative account, Mueller reveals how powerful and spiritually rewarding prayer can be in your life.