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Bell, James S
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St John of the Cross
In THE DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL, St John , a Spanish mystic and poet, describes the spiritual road to a union of love with God. On this road the soul must enter the Dark Night to be stripped of its imperfections, including the famous 'seven deadly sins', a process that often takes a number of years. S... (more)
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Gilchrist Lawso
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Tolstoy, Leo.
Divine and Human stands apart as both a landmark in literary history and master-piece of spiritual and ethical reflection. Suppressed in turn by the tzarist and Soviet regime, the tales contained in this book have, for the most part, never been published in English until now. Emerging at last, they ... (more)
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Thomas Watson
Knowing what repentance is, and actually repenting, are essential to true Christianity. Few better guides have existed in any area of spiritual experience than Thomas Watson.