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T. Austin-Sparks
“Are you moving on in the growing fullness of the revelation of the Lord Jesus? Have you an open heaven? Is God in Christ revealing Himself to you in ever greater wonder and fullness?
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Thomas a Kempis
Let it be our chief occupation to think upon the life of Jesus Christ.THE IMITATION OF CHRIST is one of the great classics on spiritual devotion. It has been influential since it was first written over five centuries ago, with people such as John Wesley and John Newton profoundly touched by it at ... (more)
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Thomas A Kempis
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Thomas A'Kempis
Of all the factors influencing our spiritual growth and development, pivotal books play a key role. learning from those who have walked the path and fought the fight brings wisdom and strengthens resolve. And hearing the familiar chords of kingdom living sung by voices from other times can penetrate... (more)
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Thomas Kempis
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Thomas Watson
Knowing what repentance is, and actually repenting, are essential to true Christianity. Few better guides have existed in any area of spiritual experience than Thomas Watson.
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Tolstoy, Leo.
Divine and Human stands apart as both a landmark in literary history and master-piece of spiritual and ethical reflection. Suppressed in turn by the tzarist and Soviet regime, the tales contained in this book have, for the most part, never been published in English until now. Emerging at last, they ... (more)