More information on Kanousky- The Indian Boy; David Brainerd- The Indian's Missionary
In two stories of life in 18th-century North America, the exciting introduction of the Christian faith into the lives of native American Indians is told. First, read of Kanousky, The Indian Boy, whose circumstances of life are tragically altered, but the discovery of the truth about Jesus so transfo... (more)
More information on Kidsource 2 Music Edition
As Kidsource proved so popular and well loved, Kevin Mayhew have released its successor, Kidsource 2. Like the first one, Kidsource 2 is compiled by Captain Alan Price from the Church Army, known to many as the man behind ‘Captains Crew’ from the ‘New Wine’ weeks. It includes songs by such favou... (more)
More information on Kind Man, The
Jesus tells us to care for others like the kind man did.
More information on Kingsway 001 50 New Songs CD-ROM Songbook
50 New Songs in Kingsway's first digital songbook! A new concept in songbooks, "kingswaysongs 001" presents 50 of the latest new songs in 3 .pdf formats - Piano score, Lead sheets (for Guitarists/Vocalists), Chord charts plus words masters (for OHP or software projection). Users print off all the... (more)
More information on Kingsway Songs 003 (CD-ROM Songbook)
Kingswaysongs 003 features 50 new praise & worship songs including songs by Matt Redman, Tim Hughes, Paul Oakley, Lex Buckley, Andy Bromley and Hillsongs. The CD-ROM digital songbook contains piano score, lead sheets, chord charts and words masters (for OHP or software projection) for all of the ... (more)
More information on KJV - Black Bible with Metrical Psalms (King James Version)
This small standard text Bible is the perfect size to fit in a purse or briefcase. This bible is ideal for those of you who love the beauty and elegance of Metrical Psalms. This is a text edition only, no references or maps included. Other Features Include: - Head and Tail Bands - Bible Word Li... (more)