More information on Tabernacle: Entering Into God's Presence (Cover To Cover), The
You will understand the Bible in a new and fresh way once you see the intriguing significance of the tabernacle in Scripture.
More information on Tails Story Book: A Noise In The Wo
From the best-selling author of The Beginner's Bible come these three fun tales from the friends of Tails Town. Full of a delightful cast of animal characters, including Owlfred the owl, Chester the fun-loving squirrel, Twigs the hedgehog, and Tennyson the poet turtle, each book tells a story that t... (more)
More information on Talking with Christ (Studies in Christian Living #03)
Learn the basics of prayer, Bible study, and church life through these four simple lessons. SIMPLE, SOLID TRUTHS FOR NEW BELIEVERS What could be more important for someone who's just getting started in the Christian life than prayer, the church, and the Bible? This study focuses on these basic... (more)
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10 Tearfund Christmas cards with Immanuel Text
More information on Teen Virtue
There have been a proliferation of books on the market for young woman extolling virtue and purity and the value of the Christian lifestyle. But are young girls reading books on virtue and spiritual growth? Or are they reading the teen counterparts to what they perceive as the sophisticated popular ... (more)