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For church leaders With a clear layout, this is an incredibly simple and thorough Lectionary With its yearly additions, this has grown into an essential Church resource The SPCK Lectionary provides a clearly laid-out presentation of the Common Worship calendar and lectionary, with BCP readings on... (more)
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Double-sealed and disposable, these individual Celebration Communion wafer and juice sets bring modern convenience and purity to the traditional Lord's Supper. The elements are prepackaged, with both wafer and juice in a single two-part container. Communion participants peel back one seal to remove ... (more)
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Pack of 500 disposable clear plastic communion cups. Size: 31mm high x 31mm diameter (at the top) x 18mm diameter (at the base)
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Nicky Gumbel
Nicky Gumbel, pioneer of Alpha - a series of sessions exploring the Christian faith - and vicar of Holy Trinity Brompton in Kensington, London, aids readers following the Bible in one year programme to understand the Scriptures better. Drawing out a theme for each day from the designated Bible readi... (more)
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Tom Wright
Many regard Revelation as the hardest book in the New Testament. It is full of strange, lurid, and sometimes bizarre and violent imagery. As a result, people who are quite at home in the Gospels, Acts and Paul's letters find themselves tiptoeing around Revelation with a sense that they don't really ... (more)
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Peter Nevland
You have to experience the Psalms to understand them. They're art, not essays. You understand art when it surrounds and barrages your senses, like it would at a gallery, a museum, or surrounded by paint and canvasses in an artist's studio. This book is a gallery where you can play with the art.' - P... (more)
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Dale Ralph Davis
The Message of Daniel His kingdom cannot fail
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John Goldingay