Liberal Democrats do God
Jo Latham & Claire Mathys
This book is a collection of articles by Christian Liberal Democrat MPs and Peers which demonstrate the positive contribution that the Christian faith brings to politics. Alastair Campbell famously said of the Blair administration, “We don’t do God”. In this book you will find MPs defending both why they ‘do God’ within the Liberal Democrat Party and how they do it. It presents a challenge to those within the party who think that faith is merely a private matter, and a challenge to any Christians who think that there is no place for them within the Liberal Democrats. “This is a collection which highlights the fact that Christianity is alive and kicking within the Liberal Democrats. Christianity within the party is not a uniform policy package or platform but a diverse and vibrant strand of thinking and practice. Whether you are a Christian who is interested in politics or a Liberal Democrat who is seeking an insight into Christian thinking, I commend this collection to you.” Steve Webb MP, from the Introduction

ISBN: 9781492121718
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: Createspace - published 14/08/2013
Format: Paperback