King of Heaven Lord of Earth
Steve Brady
The aim of this study guide is to help bridge the gap between the Bible world and our own. Steve Brady's commentary digs deeper into the letter to the Colossians and opens up the world of these first century believers to us.
Here was a missionary church that actually outlived, out-thought, out-died its contemporary world and passed on the baton of faith. And it's from this letter that we can find encouragement and inspiration, as we live for the King of Heaven, and, Lord of Earth in our generation.

The first of the Keswick New Testament Guides, King of Heaven, Lord of Earth is ideal for small group settings as well as individual use. Based on talks given at the annual Keswick convention, each chapter contains:

Study Group Ideas
Study Questions
Reflection and Response

ISBN: 9781850784814
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: AUTHENTIC MEDIA - published 15/07/2003
Format: Paperback