Generators Leader's Guide Issue 2 - Powersource
Welcome to Generators, part of Powersource, a new resource for helping children discover more about God, his love for them, and how they can follow him. All the Powersource books consist of undated modules of varying lengths. This is to enable you to plan a programme to suit your needs, especially if extra events happen that mean you do not use the Powersource material on those occasions. Themes have been chosen as a balance of Old and New Testament studies, contemporary discipleship, the world-wide church and some church history. Whilst there is, naturally, teaching involved, we have sought to avoid ‘school’ language. They are ‘sessions’, not ‘lessons’. As many others have pointed out, the ‘School Model’ is not generally the best pattern for growing faith in children. As with all such material, there is some preparation involved, and this is clearly indicated. The sessions follow a consistent pattern and are always found laid out in this order. Occasionally, however, a writer may suggest changes to the programme, in which case this will be clearly indicated.

ISBN: 9781844171286
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: KEVIN MAYHEW - published 15/06/2004
Format: Paperback