Laugh Again and Hope Again
Charles R Swindoll
In this timely two-in-one volume, Charles Swindoll helps readers rediscover two profound benefits of knowing God: joy and hope. In Laugh Again, readers learn how to live in the present, to say no to negativity, and realize that while no ones life is perfect, joy is always available. Applying scriptural truths in a practical way, Swindoll shows readers the path to outrageous joy and how they can laugh again. In Hope Again, readers discover an essential truth of the Christian life: whether theyve experienced pain, loss, or disappointment, believers can learn to hope again by connecting with Gods purpose for them. Though the path He has for us is not always pleasant, Hope Again provides answers to lifes really tough questions. It also reminds us that when we are at our lowest, Christ stands ready to comfort and restore us.

ISBN: 9781400202713
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: THOMAS NELSON - published 12/01/2010
Format: Paperback