More information on Thinking about God (Truth-Seekers Series) (INCL. CD-ROM)
Elicia Lewis
Truth-Seekers is series of three teacher’s resources that offer a wealth of varied and lively activities, including mystery scenarios and problem-solving tasks, designed to develop pupils’ thinking skills. This book contains two units, each arranged into six key questions. The activities for each ke... (more)
More information on Peace People -- who changed the world
Valerie Flessati / Pat Gaffney
‘Peace? Nice idea, but there’s nothing we can do about it.’ Peace People is for educators who want to challenge the common assumption of many young people that there is nothing they can do to change the world. It will help light the fire of hope and engagement which are essential for young Chris... (more)
More information on Talking Together: Conversations about Religion
Sarah Thorley
"Talking Together" takes as its starting point a classroom setting where children of all the mainstream religions (and of those with no religion, as this voice also needs to be heard) speak together about their beliefs and practices. The emphasis is on what we can share rather than compare, with the... (more)
More information on Talking Together: Conversations about Religion (Pack of 7)
Sarah Thorley
This is a book to encourage young people to explore the religious dimension of matters which are relevant to them in their everyday lives. It offers the opportunity to clarify some puzzles, challenge some prejudices, expand horizons and enable personal encounters and spiritual growth. Through taking... (more)
More information on Romancing The Difference
Kenneth Burke
Uses Kenneth Burke to study the language of romance in religious sectarian rhetoric
More information on Into the Bible: 101 Routes to Explore (15 pack)
An exciting new primary school R.E. resource of 15 books with a free CD ROM, will help teachers introduce the Bible to KS2 children and engage them with its contents so they learn about and from Christianity. Contains 101 extracts from the whole Bible story, using the Contemporary English Version (a... (more)
More information on Caring for Others Today
Sylvia Green
More information on Key Words in Christianity
Ron Greaves
A quick sampling of terms from this volume: - Ascension - Beatification - Catechism - Evangelical - Humanae vitae - Last Supper - Martyr - Repentance - Sermon on the Mount Sample Definitions Catechism: The manual of Christian doctrine in a questions and answer form... (more)
More information on Key Words in Religious Studies
Ron Greaves
Written in response to students' worries over the demands of dealing with a range of complex and unfamiliar concepts, this handy reference book enables readers to grasp the meaning of the key terms and concepts used in Religious Studies up to graduate level. It also provides a pool of fascinating in... (more)