More information on Word of the Wives
Abby Guinness / Michele Guinness
Behind every great man there’s a woman who has to put up with him. Now the unheard women of the Bible speak out in an imaginative collection of monologues, setting the story straight from their unique perspective. From the amusing to the moving, the arresting to the irreverent, intriguingly char... (more)
More information on Three Wise Men and a Baby
Dave Robinson
A full-length festive play from the Saltmine Theatre Company plus additional seasonal sketches. Three Wise Men and a Baby' has delighted audiences across the country with four national Saltmine tours. Now the full script, together with a selection of David Robinson's best sketches, is availabl... (more)
More information on The Coming King
Peter Jackson
The twin themes of Adbent give to this period pf the Church's year a potent blend of expectation and rejoicing. The six sketched for Christian drama groups reflect aspects of each of these attitudes, from Mary and Joseph's pre-natal problems in 'Marriage Guidnace' and the birth of Jesus in 'The B... (more)
More information on Footsteps to Glory
Peter Jackson
Today, many at church on Good Friday and Easter Sunday may be nominal churchgoers, visiting relatives or friends pressed into service. A piece of drama may be just what is required to give a better understanding of the events of Lent and Holy Week by adding point to the reading, talk or sermon. ... (more)
More information on 50 Seriously Funny Bible Sketches
David Burt
Whether it's the poor souls who have to clean up on Palm Sunday ... the linen shop manager who has to deal with the temple curtain torn in two ... a tone deaf angel auditioning for the Bethlehem mission ... or the outrageous request for a refund for burial spices because the 'deceased' no longer req... (more)
More information on Fool's Journey: A Seriously Lighthearted Play
This play is based on 1 Corinthians 1:25 – God’s foolishness is wiser that human wisdom. The author uses the Shakespearean device of the wise Fool to bring us face to face to searching questions about ourselves and it is a very effective method. The play is for all ages for the message is also for a... (more)
More information on Stories to Perform
Patrick Coghlan
This is a collection of 35 bible based lessons for the Sunday school to perform in sketches or rhyming verses. They can be used for larger gatherings, for holiday clubs, for all age worship as well. Mainly for the under sevens to about eleven age group, but also there is a chance to ask the over 11’... (more)
More information on Praise God! Jesus Is Born!: Easy Dramas, Recitations, and Speeches...
Leedell Stickler / Judy Jolly
Dramas, Speeches, and Recitations for Children. MORE DRAMA with LESS DRAMA MORE Meaningful Children’s Worship Participation with LESS Production Time, Effort, Difficulty, & Expense. A diverse and easily produced collection of children’s worship performances for the Advent / Christmas season ... (more)
More information on 50 Bible Dramas for Children
Lynda Neilands
Unpacking Bible truth through drama isn't a new idea - God told the prophets to act out their message and Jesus used dramatic action as well as words. These tried and tested dramas will help today's youngsters engage with the Bible. Not every drama is designed to be performed by children. Some will ... (more)