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More information on My Bible 3.0 NIV Deluxe (Palm Handheld PDA)
Imagine having ready access to the complete text of the Bible wherever you are, so that you can follow along with a sermon or lesson, or just simply catch up on your Bible reading when you have a few moments free. Choose from 5 popular translations, including the NIV and KJV. For each translation you can either search for a verse by using key words, or by jumping straight to a specific chapter and/or verse. My Bible will also allow you to find all the instances of this keyword throughout the Bible translation. You can also switch between several Bible translations on screen, allowing you to compare and contrast eaily. Keep track of what you learn by highlighting, underlining or adding a note to any verse. You can also adjust the font size or layout of the Bible text to suit your reading preferences.
More information on NIV Study Bible Complete Library For Macintosh
This package is excellent as an introduction to studying the NIV version of the Bible. It has been a favourite of pastors and scholar's alike over the years, and it's renowned combination of Bible versions, including NIV and the KJV, and concordances (the KJV concordance) make it an ideal place to start your research. You can search by topic, instantly display commentary from the NIV study notes and copy scripture passages, definitions and word studies to your word processor.
£69.95  £39.95
More information on Pocket Voice Bible NIV New Testament (Handheld PDA)
The Entire NIV New Testament in Audio
More information on Discover the Holy Land: Bethlehem (Windows PC CD-ROM)
Two Years of professional photography and design has resulted in this fantastic piece of interactive software that is ideal for discovering the heart of Bethlehem.
More information on Ilumina Gold Edition (CD Rom)
Live the Bible with iLumina Gold, the world’s first digitally animated Bible and Encyclopedia Suite. Enjoy the full text of the Bible in the NLT and KJV plus commentary on every verse, and a complete illustrated encyclopedia. iLumina Gold treats your senses to cutting-edge computer animations, guided virtual tours of the Holy Land, and documentary videos on the life of Jesus. Now available for Windows and Mac OS X.
£64.95  £29.95
More information on Ilumina Gold: Parents and Teachers Edition (CD-ROM)
iLumina Parents & Teachers Edition is the first Children's software program designed in an interactive, visul and audio learning format to help make learning both fun and memorable. iLumina Parents and Teachers Edition contains The Book of Life material in a searchable encyclopedia module including 22 volumes of content based on the Bible and over 1,000 relevant photos. Also includes lessons written by Gilbert Beers focusng on the life of Christ. This program is a custom iLumina product designed to be perfect for any family.
More information on Explore the Bible:Quicksearch Word Search Maker Youth & Adult (CD ROM)
Create your own word searches at the touch of button, ideal for livening up parish magazines, newsletters or study group handouts. This new software comes loaded with preformed age and difficulty levels – just add the words and the program will do the rest! Topics covered include Bible stories, Bible characters and seasons.
More information on eBible Standard Edition Including Anglicised NIV (Windows CD-ROM)
An all-round excellent Bible study package doing almost everything that you could possibly want; searches your entire library of Bibles, commentaries and background information by keyword or theme, instantly creates Bible word studies and builds reports and lessons to name but a few. The layout is based on familiar website formats with a homepage that you can personalise to include a prayer list, hymns, daily devotionals and a Bible reading. There is also an easy quick search facility to get your study started immediately. This package takes all the hassle out of arranging your Bible study time, and makes it a pleasure! With maps and photographs to accompany the many Bible versions and commentaries this offers a simple and accessible route into a comprehensive Bible study session. 7 full Bible versions, Cross referencing, word studies, pastor/teacher helps and worship resources all included.
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John C Maxwell