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Watchman Nee
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F. & M. Howard Taylor
The story of Hudson Taylor has inspired the lives of generations of Christians. Coming from humble origins and battling through great hardships to found the China Inland Mission, his life is a monumental example of triumph in adversity. In this, the greatest of all the biographies of Taylor, not onl... (more)
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Roy Hession
In 1947 Roy Hession had a life-changing experience. Although a full-time evangelist, by his own admission, his ministry had grown tired and dry. But when a group who had been experiencing true revival in East Africa came to England and shared the lessons they had been learning, his life and ministry... (more)
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Hannah Whitall Smith
Beloved for nearly a century and a half, 'The Christian’s Secret of a Happy Life' has helped millions of believers experience deep spiritual assurance. Hannah Whitall Smith—herself acquainted with many griefs and doubts—guides readers to rely not on the shifting sands of emotions but on the constant... (more)
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Sir Robert Anderson
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D Martyn Lloyd-Jones
The Cross: God’s Way of Salvation "Superficial views of the work of Christ produce superficial human lives." Martyn Lloyd-Jones Ever since his first sermon in 1925, Martyn Lloyd-Jones consistently emphasized the significance of Christ’s sacrifice for our sake. This collection of sermons reve... (more)
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Oswald J. Smith
“I did not put this book down until I had read every word of it. My soul was refreshed. My prayer is that it will reach the hearts of thousands of others as it has reached mine.”
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