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Thomas A Kempis
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Charles M Sheldon
“What would Jesus do?” When several members of an ordinary American church are challenged to not take a single action without first asking that crucial question, they discover the power of God to transform their own lives—and their world. Charles M. Sheldon’s provocative novel, originally published ... (more)
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C S Lewis
C.S. Lewis, one of the world's most celebrated authors, writes candidly, clearly, and from the heart about the deepest human concerns of faith, joy, and love in this outstanding collection of four of his best loved works. Surprised by Joy is a moving chronicle of a modern man who loses and regain... (more)
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E Bendor Samuel
The history of Israel, as we have it in the Bible, is meant for our learning and profit. Exposed to the light of God as no other nation has been, their every blemish is illumined and made conspicuous to the gaze of the world. Their sins and shortcomings, their triumphs and achievements are all accur... (more)