Deleting Elect in the Bible Companion
Jacques More
“All you need to see for yourself the word “elect” should not be in the bible. The mistranslation of the Greek word EKLEKTOS proved in the simplest package. EKLEKTOS was the only word read in the early church where today in the English bible (KJV) we find "elect". A must for church leaders and bible teachers.

The Companion to Deleting ELECT in the Bible is simpler to follow than its predecessor but complete in reference whilst this time only quoting all the relevant. A frontal challenge to the world of Calvinism (see The Challenge intro). A chapter with suggestions how better to translate the affected passages. A final chapter about the Bible Society and associated.”

ISBN: 9781898158301
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: Jarom Books - published 23/08/2018
Format: Paperback