Deleting ' ELECT' In The Bible
Jacques More
A reasonable historical case for removal of the word "elect" in the English Bible

The word "elect" is only translated in the English bible from the Hebrew (Heb.) word BACHIR and the Greek (Gk.) word EKLEKTOS.

The word "chosen" also translates these two source words, but is a rendering of other Heb. & Gk. words.

In the Septuagint (LXX) BACHIR is only translated by EKLEKTOS.

So discovering that EKLEKTOS only means "excellent" (something of, or someone of, high quality) is what this book exhaustively reveals from the LXX.

EKLEKTOS has no emphasis or meaning of something or someone "selected" at all in the LXX, though it occurs 74 times there as translating 24 Heb. words. These Heb. words are also translated by other Gk. words - except 5 which are exclusively rendered by EKLEKTOS - and this work provides the reader with all 594 passages where these Heb. words occur in the Eng. bible, the LXX in full, an interlinear translation into Eng., and a full translation.

All this provides the reader with full independent witness to the reality of the analysis and reasonable arguments.
To be Published in November.

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