Jeremiah 21-52
John L Mackay
A Commentary on the book of Jeremiah. Volume 1 looks at Chapters 1 - 20, while Volume 2 looks at Chapters 21 - 52.


'Professor Mackay's commentary on Jeremiah is trebly welcome: first, from his earlier work on Exodus (in this series) we know that he will take the highest view of Scripture as the Word of God,. Secondly, he argues cogently for Jeremiah as author of the whole, contending that the book as we have it represents written records contemporary with the prophet's preaching Thirdly, from the start he is concerned to handle the book of Jeremiah, not as an anthology, but as unfolding a unified message. Lovers of Hebrew will find a kindred spirit in Professor Mackay. Those without Hebrew will find a patient teacher leaving no stone unturned to make the word of God plain.'
Alec Motyer

'This eagerly awaited commentary on one of the longest and most taxing books of the Old Testament fulfils every expectation. The message of Jeremiah's forty-year ministry is here firmly rooted in the Old Testament history as a message from the Lord to his ancient people; but its abiding relevance is also brought out in Professor Mackay's careful application of the material. This will quickly become an indispensable tool for anyone wishing to study and preach from the Book of Jeremiah.'
Rev Dr Iain D Campbell, Free Church of Scotland, Back, Isle of Lewis

'John L. Mackay's commentary on Jeremiah is a first class explanation of the prophet... It is certain to become the first 'port of call' in my studies of the book, he has the ability to uncover the significance of the original message in such a way as to leave the application (almost) transparent.'
Stephen Dray

ISBN: 9781857929386
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Publisher: CHRISTIAN FOCUS - published 15/05/2004
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