Cry of the Wild, The
Betty Swinford
Scott was seized with horror. He felt like he was caught up in a whirlwind and his world was falling apart around him. Behind him, a smug-faced Ricky was smiling slyly. The Coyote Peak Ranch is having its fair share of problems. It's not easy running a homestead at the best of times. But Scott's dog, Cadera, is causing all sorts of headaches. Mr Tucker is baying for her blood as he is certain that Cadera is the one who has been killing his chickens. She is half coyote after all - a wild dog - and once wild always wild. There's nothing that can change that. And then slap, bang, into the middle of it all comes Ricky. He may be family - but he's also an enemy to Scott and to Cadera! And once an enemy always an enemy! That's the cry of the wild! But then what are people always saying about jumping to conclusions? And who has been stealing the Manzanita wood? For 9-12year olds
Publisher 10/28/2003

ISBN: 9781857928532
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: CHRISTIAN FOCUS - published 27/09/2003
Format: Paperback