Ruth & Esther: God behind the seen (Focus on the Bible)
A Boyd Luter / Barry C Davis
Tragedy and triumph – the books of Ruth and Esther tell the stories of two women who achieve success against all odds. One woman overcomes a personal tragedy, the other a nationwide crisis. The roads they take to succeed, however, are quite different.

This fascinating study provides a practical commentary on the lives of two women as it shows readers the providential care of the unseen God for his people – not only in past history, but in our day as well. Even seemingly out-of-control crises are under his watchful care.

Teachers of Bible study groups as well as pastors will find this volume a rich source of insight into the text and a real inspiration for living.

ISBN: 9781857928051
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: CHRISTIAN FOCUS - published 15/03/2003
Format: Paperback