Talk Sense!: Christianity For 7 3/4 - 11 Year Olds
Horner, Sammy
Our bodies have been amazingly designed, but sometimes they don't always work the way we want them to. Doctors have a way of knowing what the problem is, even if we don't. Did you know there is one Doctor who knows you, from head to toe, from inside out? He knows how you feel, and can help you. Take time to see if you are in good shape and find out if you know the best Doctor in the world.

People come in all shapes and sizes - small, tall, thin, not so thin - but everyone starts off the same way, as a baby. When you decide to follow Jesus you become a baby in God's family, but this is only the start! Read on and find out how to grow up to be a strong healthy Christian. No matter what size you are now you can become a giant for God if you take the right steps.

ISBN: 9781857927573
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: CHRISTIAN FOCUS - published 25/03/2002
Format: Paperback