Dark Blue Bike At No. 17, The (Stories From Canterbury Place)
C Mackenzie
Tammy and Jake learn about Friendship and Bullying.
Jake and Tammy live in Canterbury Place. Together with their friends, family and neighbours they have lots to learn about life and the world they live in, particularly about Friendship and Bullying.

Canterbury Place is the fictional setting for a series of books exploring deep issues. This is a great book for a child who has come across bullying for the first time or who is perhaps learning more about what it is to be a real friend.

During their adventures we, too, want to know the answers to the questions that Tammy and Jake ask. In a loving context their Mum and Dad tell them what they need to know about loyalty, forgiveness and the love and friendship that we all search after.

Pages: 160

ISBN: 9781857927320
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: CHRISTIAN FOCUS - published 18/03/2003
Format: Paperback