The Great Revivalists
John Peters
Learn from those who brought revival

Today there is an intense longing for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit that will stun the Church and the world.

John Peters shows us that, whilst revival is a 'sovereign, supernatural move of the Holy Spirit and a pouring out of His life and power', God has sovereignly chosen individual men and women to be His 'human agents' in His initiating of revival.

Featuring biographies of 25 key revivalists and drawing out the outstanding qualities and characteristics of each, the book challenges us to learn from these revivalists, and inspires us to pray for revival.

Jonathan Edwards
Charles Finney
Rees Howells
Aimee Semple McPherson
Charles Haddon Spurgeon
John Wesley
David Yonggi Cho
and more.

John Peters is a native of Aberdare, South Wales.

Educated at Cardiff University and Jesus College, Oxford, he has taught English for nearly forty years.

Since 1985, he has written biographies of several significant Christian leaders including Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Colin Urquhart, Selwyn Hughes and, more recently, John and Carol Arnott.

ISBN: 9781853454820
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Publisher: CWR* - published 15/07/2008
Format: Paperback