Who Is Jesus? - Tails
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Who Is Jesus? - Tails
Karyn Henley
Tails is a wonderful way to introduce young children to the Bible. It allows them to discover God's truth and learn how it applies to their daily lives, whilst enjoying the fun activities and stories provided by the Tails characters. As they meet twigs the hedgehog, and his Mum - Mrs H - along with their friends Owlfred, Chester, Mimi and Tennyson, they will grow to love finding out more and more about the Bible. Tails has been written so that you can spend time with your child daily, weekly or occasionally, learning together, reading the stories and having fun trying out the crafts , games and recipes and other activities included. In Who is Jesus?, the Tails friends will help your child understand who Jesus is, why He came, how He is the Son of God, Prince of Peace, Saviour and Lord, as well as their Friend, Helper and Healer, and how and why He died and rose again.

ISBN: 9781853451546
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