Challenging Richard Dawkins: Is Richard Dawkins right about God?
Kathleen Jones
What's wrong with the world? And whose fault is it? In The God Delusion and other books, Richard Dawkins argues that war, terrorism and other atrocities are caused by religion. Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus and Sikhs are all deluded, maintaining 'false the face of strong contradictory evidence'. He claims that science has proved that religion is not only wrong, but dangerous.

This argument has an immediate appeal to many in an uncertain and frightened world; but does the evidence of the pure sciences - cosmology, quantum mechanics, genetics - support his contention that science has finally eliminated God? Is Dawkins' empty and hopeless philosophy that human life has no lasting purpose or significance supported by the current state of knowledge?

This robust and vigorous book analyses Richard Dawkins' bleak view of the human condition and reveals fundamental flaws and distortions, and a very limited perspective. Drawing on the evidence of a wide range of academic disciplines - science, theology, history, philosophy and others - it offers a basis for thoughtful and creative religious belief in the light of our developing understanding of the world we live in.

ISBN: 9781853118418
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: CANTERBURY PRESS - published 15/12/2007
Format: Paperback