Sacramental Life, The
Simon Jones
Gregory Dix – Anglican Benedictine monk, scholar, writer and broadcaster – was one of the most engaging public figures of his day. His classic work, The Shape of the Liturgy, has remained in print for 60 years and is an unsurpassed account of the origins of the Eucharist which underpins the work being done today by authors like Richard Giles.

Apart from this magnum opus, Gregory Dix left many pamphlets, papers, sermons, radio talks and other unpublished texts. From this remarkable archive, Simon Jones has created a text that will be valued in teaching, study, and as devotional reading for a new generation.

Clergy, ordinands and many other readers will welcome this volume. There is at least one institution which requires all students considering theology to read the first 100 pages of The Shape of the Liturgy before applying.

ISBN: 9781853117176
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: CANTERBURY PRESS - published 15/09/2007
Format: Paperback