Help Lord I'm Trying To Relate!
Katey Moreland
By studying both the positive and negative aspects of relationship in the book of Genesis, coupled with the teaching of Jesus, author Katey Moreland shows that it is God's will for us to succeed in our relationships, and that He has generously provided the means for us to do so. This book teaches that, Our number one relationship should always be with God. Allowing Him to minister healing to us brings wholeness and sets in motion a godly "domino" effect that blesses our relationships with others. We can be ignorant of God's order for right relationships and unwittingly set ourselves up for failure. Yet, under the direction of the Holy Spirit, our lives and relationships can be transformed into something beyond our hopes and dreams.

ISBN: 9781852403867
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: SOVEREIGN WORLD LTD. - published 15/05/2004
Format: Paperback