Talking Together: Conversations about Religion (Pack of 7)
Sarah Thorley
This is a book to encourage young people to explore the religious dimension of matters which are relevant to them in their everyday lives. It offers the opportunity to clarify some puzzles, challenge some prejudices, expand horizons and enable personal encounters and spiritual growth. Through taking part in reading the conversations and listening to each other, young people will learn about the perspectives of different religions; they will find and share common ground and learn to understand respect and enjoy their differences.

It can be used as a thought-provoking extension to any teaching in RE (from Year 5 onwards) particularly related to: concepts of God; rites of passage; the meaning and use of religious symbolsor about peace or pilgrimage.

It could help Year 6 pupils to draw together much that they will have learned about and from individual religions and prepare them for the broader horizons of secondary school. It could be a good ice-breaker for Year 7 pupils to interact and get to know each other. For both Years 7 and 8 pupils, it could be a useful springboard: raising ideas, concepts and perceptions to carry forard and use alongside detailed studies of individual religions-helping to keep the broader picture of diversity in mind. It could be used to good effect in Citizenship lessons, in Drama, in PSHE and in Literacy sessions (each conversastion having six speaking parts).

There are many books for younger readers about individual religions and on religious topics and many encyclopedias of religion. Talking Together takes a fresh approach, very timely at this point in history, by exploring the creative interaction possible between the religions.

ISBN: 9781851753604
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: RELIGIOUS & MORAL ED PRES - published 01/01/2008
Format: Paperback