Krish Kandiah
The book examines the issue of dyscipleship as its revealed in Matthews gospel
Krish has coined the term dysciples to describe
those of us who feel dysfunctional in our following of
Jesus. The good news is that dysfunctional discipleship is nothing new and nothing to be ashamed of.

The very first disciples were dysciples too they were constantly getting even the most basic of things totally wrong! If Jesus best friends and first missionaries were such weak disciples, then that gives us hope. We can be comforted and excited by the thought that Jesus can
love and use us, just as he loved and used Peter,
James, John, Matthew and co.

The obstacles we face as dysciples today are just the same as those that tripped up Jesus first band of brothers.

ISBN: 9781850788249
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Publisher: AUTHENTIC MEDIA - published 01/03/2009
Format: Paperback