Steve Cattell / Lindy Greaves
The dramatic, life changing story of Britain's most prolific criminal.
From an early age, Steve is passionate about stealing and breaking in to houses. Soon he is addicted to the criminal way of life.

After twenty-four years behind bars with his third marriage about to fall apart, his closest friend, a heroin addict - becomes a Christian.

Facing his longest sentence yet, Steve is challenged by the change in his friend's life, and finds himself wandering into a church.

Over time, Steve gives up his life of crime and turns to Christ who not only sets him free from prison but from the life cycle he had become addicted to.

'Steve Cattell's extraordinary journey away from a life of crime is not just one of the most gripping human stories you will ever read; it is also a unique account of one man's struggle against the compulsions that all but destroyed him.'

Alan Franks, Writer, The Times

ISBN: 9781850787747
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: AUTHENTIC MEDIA - published N/A
Format: Paperback