The Book of Good and Evil (The Lost Book Trilogy)
Kathy Lee
A thrilling sequel to The Book of Secrets, The Book of Good and Evil continues the story of Jamie and his friends, Rob and Ali.

Welcome to the magnificent island city of Embra, full of riches, knowledge and power. But for Jamie, Rob and Ali, the city has very different things in store. While Rob gets a job in the castle, Jamie isn't so lucky. War, robbery and treachery follow him wherever he goes, but the book in the seal-skin bag is never far away. Can the words inside save him from certain death?

Like The Book of Secrets, The Book of Good and Evil opens up a futuristic world which is essence is not that different from our own. People are always stealing, cheating each other and looking for a way to get more power and influence. The God of the Old Times has been forgotten by all but a few, but Jesus' followers are there nonetheless, caring for the sick and the needy.

Through the story, children will be able to explore what the Bible says about revenge, about loving your enemies and about depending on God. Jamie, the main character learns about praying to God and is touched by the selflessness of God's followers compared to the other inhabitants of Embra.

ISBN: 9781844273683
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: SCRIPTURE UNION - published 15/03/2009
Format: Paperback