A Journey With Friends: Exploring Community
Kate Hayes
We all need others. Strong relationships with other believers are essential if we are to grow in Christian faith, but living in harmony is not always easy! It's reassuring to know that the early churches had their problems too! Kate Hayes leads us through the teaching of Paul in Philippians on how to live together in Christian fellowship in loving humility, following the example of Christ. She looks at themes such as how to build good relationships, cope with hard times, and live together in a godly way. We need to learn how to experience God's grace so that we can light up the world and stay the course. Building relationships and sharing with others is demanding - but infinitely rewarding!

Ideal for Lent, but great at other times too!

Just right for those needing inspiration and refreshment on the journey
Highly suitable both for newcomers and for mature Christians
Interactive format, with icebreakers and group activities
Intriguing, open questions for discussion.

ISBN: 9781844273577
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: SCRIPTURE UNION - published 21/10/2008
Format: Paperback