The Book of Secrets
Kathy Lee
Far in the future, the sea has taken over, turning huge mountains into islands and swallowing cities whole. Many of the Ancestors were wiped out, but some humans still struggle on: fishing, hunting, keeping away from things left over from the Old Times. Well, who needs the bad luck?

On the island of Insh More, Jamie leads a simple life, but his friend Rob dreams of more - travelling to the great island city of Embra. However, between Rob and his dream lie dangers that neither he nor Jamie have ever encountered before. Dangers that threaten to kill. Can the book in the seal-skin bag save them?

Futuristic fantasy fiction echoing 2 Kings 22,23, and an exciting adventure for children aged 8-10. First book in the Lost Book Trilogy.

ISBN: 9781844273423
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: SCRIPTURE UNION - published 18/09/2008
Format: Paperback