Communicating God in Non-Book Ways (Top Tips)
Kathryn Copsey / Jean Elliott
Ancient stained glass windows, PowerPoint presentations, games, social networking, laughter, celebratory feasts - some non-book ways of meeting God are new for our time, some have been around for centuries. All of them ultimately lead to discovering the God we encounter in the Bible.

God chose to 'move into our neighbourhood' when Jesus came to earth where he built relationships with everyone he met! This book challenges readers to use every means possible to introduce children and young people to God, emphasising again and again the vital place of relationship-building.

Top Tips booklets are designed for all those working with children and young people. Big on practical advice, but small enough to digest over a cup of coffee, so you can get to grips with the issues fast. Be inspired and encouraged with Top Tips from the experts!

ISBN: 9781844273294
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: SCRIPTURE UNION - published N/A
Format: Paperback