Kemi's Journal
Abidemi Sanusi
The spiritual journey of a young professional highflier who has been a Christian for just one year. A slice of zany London life as only a twenty-something born-again believer might see it. Kemi struggles with her career, her mixed-race family, and her non-believing ex-boyfriend, until an unplanned pregnancy forces her to contemplate the unthinkable: abortion! But in the midst of it all, Kemi keeps wrestling with her faith and her Bible. A story of encouragement, hope and redemption in Christ; of grace, forgiveness and the way back to God. A book to encourage Christians struggling with sin and speak to those who have turned their back on their faith. Kemi's Journal will strike a chord with many young women today who find themselves struggling with life, love and everything.

ISBN: 9781844270927
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: SCRIPTURE UNION - published N/A
Format: Paperback