I Scream Sunday 2
Steve English
The book covers a wide range of topics and Bible characters.

Help your children to discover that there's more fun to be had in church than they could ever imagine, with Steve English's latest offering.

This collection of lively cartoons and illustrations, put together with a huge selection of puzzles and activities, will give them plenty to enthuse about.

The children will also be thrust right into the heart of the action through Steve's uncanny knack of finding just the right angle on Bible stories and characters, helping your youngsters to identify or empathise with the key people.

I Scream Sunday 2 can be used in all kinds of situations - as a fun time for the end of a Sunday school session, a take-home sheet, or an activity sheet during the main church service, so children can learn in the best possible way - by having fun!

ISBN: 9781844174089
Catalogue code: 1500805
Publisher: KEVIN MAYHEW - published 15/07/2005
Format: Paperback