X = Life
Phil Green
A youth group leader’s step-by-step guide to running ten sessions to help 11-16 year-olds get life ‘sorted’ with a Christian perspective. From the outset of Christianity the letter X has been used to represent Christ. It is taken from the Greek word for Christ -- Xristos. Hence the title . . . X = LIFE.

This is a thoroughly contemporary, superbly laid-out resource which does a good job of meshing solid doctrinal teaching with apologetics and practical application. The balance of instructional and interactive material for each of the 10 sessions is well struck. The notes for leaders are helpful and there is plenty of scope to choose and adapt from various options.

This resource starts by getting young people to consider the world, their own lives, and then the meaning of life – each of these sessions begin to introduce the ‘idea of God’ and how what the Bible says about life makes sense. The next three sessions explore whether or not it makes sense to believe that God exists and briefly looks at other religions before focusing on what God is like according to Christians. The final four sessions are a clear and concise overview of the gospel message. However, the fact that this is done in four sessions means that subjects such as the cross and the resurrection are covered in a part of one session, therefore it would be worth dividing session 9 up into two separate sessions.

X=Life is an excellent resource to use with those who have little (or no) understanding of the Christian faith. Equally, it’s a useful series to help Christian young people get to grips with what they believe and why. It can easily be adapted to suit your group.


- What makes the world tick?
- What makes you tick?
- What is the meaning of life?
- The concept of God
- Religion: What's it all about?
- The God in whom Christians believe world tick?
- Made by God
- Broken by humans
- Living as a new creation

ISBN: 9781844171927
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: KEVIN MAYHEW - published 15/02/2004
Format: Paperback