Praying as a School: Prayers for Assembly
Kate Thompson
Prayers for assembly.

Suitable for use as an integral part of school assemblies and worship, as well as in the classroom within the general context of the RE curriculum, Praying as a School focuses on a wide variety of themes concerned with the world and humanity. The sensitively written prayers help young children to consider and reflect upon the importance of their relationship with a loving God and with other members of the human race.

Young people need to be nurtured and guided as we help them to understand that there is a difference between simply 'saying' prayers and 'praying' prayers. These prayers will help to lift the spirits and enlighten the minds of young people as they learn to make room in their hearts and lives for the needs of others.

Praying as a School has been adapted for school use from Katie Thompson's Intercessions for Young People.

ISBN: 9781844171712
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: KEVIN MAYHEW - published 13/10/2003
Format: Paperback