Kenosis and Priesthood
Timothy D. Herbert
This book is an attempt to recover for protestants the significance of the ordained preisthood. In the past the priesthood of the ordained had proved to be thoroughly problematic, not least for ecumenical debate.

Herbert explores the ministry through an exposition of kenotic and Trinitarian theology.

He argues that the priesthood is called to announce God's gracious saving in Jesus Christ and so call peopl to respond gratefully through Christian living.

At the Eucharist, argues Herbert, the priest is not the one who has the specific power of consecration but the one who is commissioned to retell the story of God's saving act.

'This is a work of excellent systematic theology. Quite outstanding!' Graham Ward, professor of Christian Theology, University of Manchester.

ISBN: 9781842275658
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: PATERNOSTER PRESS - published 01/05/2008
Format: Paperback