Gathering to His Name
Timothy Grass
The story of the Brethren in Britain and Ireland
What was it like to belong to a Brethren assembly? How and why did assemblies come
into being? And what do they have to offer to the wider church today?

This book traces the
story of the Brethren movement in Britain and Ireland from its beginnings in the 1820s
to the present day, with a primary focus on those gatherings known as Open Brethren.
The overall aim is to provide a readable narrative of the movement?s development and
distinctive ethos. The work explores where, when, how, and why assemblies grew and
declined, and charts the development of a range of associated institutions.

ideas in Brethren theology and practice are also introduced. Illustrations bring the story
to life and introduce the reader to some of the major figures in Brethren history, and the
classifi ed bibliography provides a starting-point for those wishing to takes things further.
Throughout, developments among Brethren are related to the wider religious world,
providing a background for consideration of what it means to belong to an assembly.

ISBN: 9781842272206
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: PATERNOSTER PRESS - published 07/04/2006
Format: Paperback