Old Words, New Life
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Old Words, New Life
David Winter
While parts of the Old Testament are well known and loved – the poetry of the Psalms, the wisdom of the Proverbs, selected bits of the prophets – other sections tend to remain unexplored, with some readers put off by a general impression of fire and brimstone and excessive violence. To read the New Testament without getting to grips with the Old, however, is like starting a novel in the middle and expecting to understand it properly!
In this book David Winter offers an accessible way of becoming better acquainted with what was, after all, the text that Jesus knew as ‘Scripture’. Looking at 40 key words from ‘atonement’ to ‘Yahweh’, he provides a Bible passage, helpful explanation and concluding reflection for each one. You can use Old Words, New Life as a book for daily Bible study, or as a handy reference tool to check out a particular word that crops up as you are reading the Old Testament.

Canon David Winter is a writer and broadcaster. He is also one of the editors for the People’s Bible Commentary series and has written a number of books for BRF including After the Gospels, With Jesus in the Upper Room and Hope in the Wilderness. He is also a contributor to BRF’s New Daylight Bible reading notes.

ISBN: 9781841013916
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Publisher: BRF - published 15/03/2005
Format: Paperback  

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