Place Prepared, A
Karney, Gloria
This book has all the ingredients of a great adventure--an amazing journey of 13,000 miles across West Africa, encounters with evil powers, triumph and defeat, sacrifice and sorrow, suffering and healing, laughter and tears. It tells the story of Tigite, who had to wait eleven years for the fulfillment of a promise; of Stanley and Alice, who sacrificed much to bring the Gospel to Lobis; and Jeremy and Rachel Nash, who, with great love and compassion, serve the Lord among the Dagari people.

Mission Africa began in Nigeria as the Qua Iboe Mission in 1887 and has never lost the vision of reaching people with the Gospel. It has contributed to missions in Ghana, Bukina Faso, and Chad. With its church-planting work, it is addressing some of the contemporary issues facing the Christian church, like the IVF/AIDS problem, street children, and orphans.

ISBN: 9781840301342
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: AMBASSADOR PRODUCTIONS LT - published 15/02/2003
Format: Paperback